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Miso's family at WAGSUP

We're a family who's lives were always surrounded by pets. We struggled with finding a grooming salon that we can trust. With concerns about leaving our babies to strangers. There were so many uncertainties about the cleanliness of the salon, where our dogs are kept while waiting to get picked up, and if dogs are being supervised at all times.

So we've decided to make one for our baby, Miso.

Our salon is completely transparent. Here are our promises:

  • Cage free environment : We have a zero cage free policy. No cage what so ever. Your dog will freely walk around, play with salon buddies, and drink water whenever they need to.

  • No re-using grooming materials: We find sharing towel and toothbrush isn't right. Dirty towel will go straight into the wash and we use disposable toothbrush for each dog.

  • One-on-one appointment: As we're a cage free spa, we need to supervise our four-legged clients at all times. One staff will be assigned to one dog at a time. Your dog will have our fullest attention.

  • No rush: A sudden move from a stranger can be very intimidating to the dogs/cats. We want to take it slow. We will focus on letting your pet know our spa is a safe place before/while grooming.